THE PERFECT FRAUD launched on June 18th and since then, I’ve done fifteen events in five states.

With a short lull in the action before I begin traveling again in the fall, it’s time to reflect on what I’ve learned so far through my very first Book Tour Adventure:

The world is filled with enthusiastic readers.

Hear the one about libraries closing their doors and kids never opening a book?   Not only were audiences excited about The Perfect Fraud, they were also curious about what else I might be reading or what I planned to read.  Readers are always on the lookout for a new book.  This completely renewed my faith in the power and attraction of the written word.

Independent bookstores are incredible.

And maybe you’ve been told that the independents are experiencing a come-back and now I know why. They are the hubs of their communities hosting authors like me reading and signing their books but they often also promote open-mic poetry readings, book clubs and even, in one I visited, a tarot salon. These little powerhouses are amazing.

Booksellers genuinely want to sell your book.

The advantage of booksellers personally recommending your book is immeasurable. Owners and managers of the big and little stores often joined the audience during a reading and signing event.  After hearing about the book and you as an author, they will get excited and then enthusiastically recommended and push your novel out into the world, reader by reader.

Audiences want to know your story.

When I read a great book, I want to know everything I can about the person behind the magic. It amazed me how many people were truly interested in my personal journey from a thirty year career in human resources to author.   Many times, after an event, someone would approach me to discuss their dreams of becoming a writer.  Everyone has a story waiting to be unleashed.

You’ll have some strange requests.

I was asked by a reader to sign his book in the voice of my main character.  Another requested that I sketch my best cat face next to the dedication.  Fortunately, I have a pretty awesome kitty face drawing.

Your tribe will show.

It was gratifying and touching to have family, friends and associates in the audiences.  Although, I will tell you, for me, it was scarier to talk in front of the people I know compared to blabbing to strangers.  I think, during this summer, I’ve pretty much seen every single person I’ve ever met or known in my life.  This is not a bad thing but it is a unique experience.  Kind of like the largest and longest family reunion.

You’ll learn things you didn’t know about your own book.

It was fascinating to hear what people discovered about character motivation or plot development in The Perfect Fraud—hidden nuances that even I didn’t realize I’d added to the novel.

And…everyone loves chocolate.

I gave out little gift bags filled with Hershey Kisses and attached my business card to them.  What’s not to love?


In October, I start a brand new adventure.  You can check out https://ellenlacorte.com/events/ for where I’ll be and when.

Much love and thanks to the people who came out to support this newbie!

Order your copy of THE PERFECT FRAUD today!